This site isn’t about Iowa, the state. It is not even a fairly accurate rendition of the area that is the state. If it was, it would be ninety-nine photographs of corn and soy beans for every photograph of something else. Nope. It isn’t even a representation of what most people see when they come to the state. That would be a lot of photographs of Des Moines. Nor is it what most folks (hey, the word ‘folks’ seems appropriate here) think of Iowa. That would be some photographs taken from thirty-five thousand feet. Yeh, those contrails hang around most days.

But this site does use Iowa as raw material. It could have used New York. Or California. Or anywhere else, but this is where the author happens to live. So, it is called ‘Io-Wa’. Sort of Iowa, with pronunciation included.

The word ‘Iowa’ is the French spelling of ‘Ayuhwa’, and means beautiful land. Well, probably not. More likely it means the Sleepy Ones. No one really knows. But both guesses are poetically accurate in a way.

Podunk is the cliche for a small town, Washington state typifies the Northwest, Georgia is the South. Iowa is the midwest. Sometimes confused with the potato state, Iowa is little more than a symbol for many people, especially those on the coasts. The real state is overlooked. But then again, it is really not that different than anywhere else.

And, to be fair, many Iowans see the coasts as a symbols as well.


Ludlow, California

Brooklyn, New York